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As a premier midstream provider in the northeast US, UGIES Midstream Services gets affordable natural gas to the markets that need it. We connect producers, distributors and marketers with the assets and services they need to serve their customers more efficiently and reliably.

Backed by decades of industry insight and based near the heart of the Marcellus Shale, UGIES Midstream Services is pursuing several paths to success. Our key growth initiatives include:

  • Linking supply to markets by leveraging UGI’s existing pipeline infrastructure
  • Building new pipeline capacity from prolific Marcellus areas to markets in PA and beyond
  • Integrating pipelines with storage, peaking and power generation assets
  • Developing new services to help utilities transition from long haul pipelines to local supplies
  • Providing producers with timely, competitive gathering services




Temple LNG Facility

Temple, PA | Peak Shaving, Storage and Liquefaction

  • LNG Storage Capacity: 15 million gallons LNG; 1.25 billion cubic feet (Bcf) equivalent
  • Maximum Daily Deliverability: 205,200 Dth
  • Liquefaction Capacity: Nominal 10,000 Dth, 120,000 gallons per day
  • LNG tanker-truck loading/unloading
  • Interconnected with Texas Eastern Transmission (TETCO) and UGI Utilities

Manning LNG Facility

Meshoppen, PA Liquefaction and Storage

  • LNG Storage Capacity: 500,000 gallons LNG
  • Liquefaction Capacity: Nominal 10,000 Dth, 120,000 gallons per day
  • LNG tanker-truck loading
  • Interconnected with UGIES’ Auburn Gathering System
  • Direct access to low-cost domestically produced Marcellus Shale natural gas

Steelton LNG Facility

Steelton, PA Peak Shaving and Storage

  • LNG Storage Capacity: 2 million gallons LNG
  • Maximum Daily Deliverability: 65,000 Dth
  • LNG tanker-truck loading/unloading
  • Interconnected with UGI Utilities

Sunbury Pipeline

Snyder, Union, Northumberland, Montour and Lycoming Counties, PA, Natural Gas Pipeline

  • 35 mile, 20-inch pipeline
  • FERC Regulated
  • Capacity of 200,000 Dth/day
  • Supplies fuel to the Panda Hummel Station Power Facility in Shamokin Dam, PA
  • Interconnected with Crestwood’s Marc 1 pipeline, Transco’s Leidy Line, and UGI Utilities

Mt. Bethel Pipeline

Northampton County, PA, Natural Gas Pipeline

  • 12.5 mile, 12-inch pipeline
  • FERC regulated
  • Capacity of 72,000 Dth/day
  • Interconnected with Transco’s Leidy Line and UGI Utilities

Uniondale Pipeline

Susquehanna County, PA, Natural Gas Pipeline

  • 6 mile, 12-inch high-pressure gathering pipeline
  • Capacity of 100,000 Dth/day
  • Interconnected with Williams Field Services and UGI Utilities

Auburn Gathering System

Susquehanna, Wyoming and Luzerne Counties, PA, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • 46 miles of 12-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch pipeline
  • 4 compressor stations totalling 31,000hp
  • Capacity of 635,000 Dth/day
  • Interconnected to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Transco Leidy Line, and UGI Utilities

Big Pine Gathering System

Butler, Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties, PA, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • 67 miles of 20-inch and 24-inch pipeline
  • 4000hp of compression
  • Capacity of 412,000 Dth/day
  • Customers include MarkWest, XTO Energy, Pine Run Midstream, Range Resources, and Snyder Brothers
  • Interconnected with BHE GT&S Pipeline (formerly Dominion Transmission) and Texas Eastern Transmission

Gibraltar Gathering System

Washington and Greene Counties, PA, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • 25 miles of 36-inch pipeline
  • 10,000hp of compression
  • Capacity of 560,000Dth/day
  • Interconnected with Columbia Gas Transmission’s Leach Express Pipeline

Majorsville Gathering System

Washington and Greene Counties, PA, and Marshall County, WV, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • Majorsville pipelines: 46 miles of 16-inch and 20-inch pipeline
  • Capacity of 300,000 Dth/day
  • Interconnected with MarkWest Majorsville Processing Plant, Texas Eastern Transmission and Columbia Gas Transmission

East Washington Gathering System

Washington County, PA, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • 15 miles of 8-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch, and 20-inch pipeline
  • Capacity of 420,000 Dth/day
  • Gather service provided for Range Resources
  • Interconnected with Columbia Gas Transmission and Equitrans

Pennant Gathering System

Western PA and Eastern Ohio, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • Wet gas gathering in Mercer and Lawrence Counties, PA, and Mahoning County, OH
  • Dry gas gathering in Lawrence County, PA, and Columbiana County, OH
  • 245,000 Dth/day Hickory Bend Gas Processing Plant near New Middletown, OH
  • 36 miles of 16-inch and 20-inch pipeline, NGL transport to Kensington Processing Plant

Texas Creek Gathering System

Bradford, Tioga, and Lycoming Counties, PA, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • 63 miles of 8-inch, 12-inch, and 16-inch pipeline
  • 7 compressor stations totaling 15,300hp
  • 290,000 Dth/day of dehy capacity
  • System Capacity of 180,000 Dth/day
  • Interconnected with Tennessee Gas Pipeline and Energy Transfer

Marshlands Gathering System

Tioga and Potter Counties, PA, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • 19 miles of 4-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch pipeline
  • 3 compressor stations totaling 2,100hp
  • 30,000 Dth/day of dehy capacity
  • System Capacity of 82,000 Dth/day
  • Interconnected with BHE GT&S Pipeline (formerly Dominion Transmission)

Ponderosa Gathering System

Clinton County, PA, Natural Gas Gathering System

  • 3.5 miles of pipeline
  • System Capacity of 20,000 Dth/day
  • Interconnected with the Transco Leidy Line

Hunlock Creek (UGI Development)

Wilkes-Barre, PA, Electricity Generation

  • 125-megawatt natural gas-fueled, combined-cycle electric generation facility
  • Converted from coal to natural gas in 2012
  • Additional 45-megawatts of natural gas-fueled, simple cycle electrical generation

Hegins Landfill Gas Electric Generation (UGI Development)

Hegins, PA, Electricity Generation

  • 11-megawatt landfill gas-fueled electric generation facility
  • Continuously operated since 2009
  • Qualifies for renewable energy credits

Solar-Powered Generation (UGI Development)

Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, Electricity Generation

  • 21 installed facilities comprising 13.5 megawatts of solar-powered generation capacity

Pine Run Midstream (49% Ownership)

  • Butler and Armstrong Counties, PA, Natural Gas Gathering System
  • Partnership with Stonehenge Energy
  • 43 miles of dry gas gathering and over 423,000 Mcf/day of compression capacity (over 43,000 horsepower)
  • Interconnected with BHE GT&S Pipeline (formerly Dominion Transmission) and UGI’s Big Pine Gathering System

UGI Storage Company

  • Tioga, Potter and Cameron Counties, PA, Natural Gas Storage and Pipelines
  • FERC regulated
  • Approximately 15 Bcf of 60-day and 100-day storage service
  • Access to Tennessee Pipeline, BHE GT&S Pipeline and Transco Leidy Line

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All About UGI Energy Services & Midstream Services


Sunbury Pipeline

www.sunburypipeline.com UGI Energy Services owns and operates the Sunbury Pipeline which brings low-cost Marcellus natural gas to growing markets in central Pennsylvania. The pipeline went in-service in early 2017. The Sunbury Pipeline is a federally regulated, 35-mile, 20-inch pipeline with related facilities located in Snyder, Union, Northumberland, Montour, and Lycoming Counties, Pennsylvania. The Project interconnects [ read more ]

PennEast Pipeline

  www.penneastpipeline.com   The proposed PennEast Pipeline Project will bring affordable natural gas to customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Pipeline Project was developed in response to market demands in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and interest from shippers that require transportation capacity to accommodate increased demand and greater reliability of natural gas to homes [ read more ]

Auburn Gathering System

The Auburn Gathering System was a multi-phase, multi-year, ~$215MM pipeline project located in Northeastern Pennsylvania in Susquehanna, Wyoming, and Luzerne Counties. The Auburn Pipeline provides transportation service for natural gas producers linking their production to the interstate pipeline system. The Auburn Gathering System provides multiple outlets for gas, including access to both the Tennessee and [ read more ]

Union Dale Pipeline

Located in southeast Susquehanna County, UGIES operates this 6-mile, 12-inch high-pressure gathering pipeline. The pipeline was installed and in-service as of November 1, 2014, with right-of-way restored. The pipeline provides a direct connection between the local gas utility, UGI, and natural gas produced locally in Susquehanna County, as well as an interconnection to Williams Field [ read more ]

Mt. Bethel Pipeline

The Mt. Bethel Pipeline is a FERC regulated, ~12.5 mile, 12-inch pipeline located in eastern Pennsylvania. It is connected to Transco’s Leidy Line and extends to certain city-gate delivery point interconnections with UGI Utilities, Inc., all located in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Total capacity of the Mt. Bethel Pipeline is 72,000 Dth/d. The Mt. Bethel Pipeline [ read more ]

UGI Storage

UGI Storage Company (UGI Storage) operates 14.7 Bcf of natural gas storage strategically located in North Central Pennsylvania. Storage service is provided from three reservoirs located in Tioga, Potter and Cameron Counties. Storage customers have transportation access to high growth demand markets served by interstate pipeline providers Dominion Transmission (DTI), Transcontinental Gas Pipeline (Transco), and [ read more ]