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For over 20 years, UGI Energy Services has been in the Energy Choice business. Energy Choice is a government-mandated utility program that provides an opportunity for commercial and residential customers to ‘shop around’ for energy programs or rates. By doing this, customers may find other supplier rates that are more competitive than what their utility can offer.

We personalize our services to meet your unique needs. Watch the video to learn more.

The choice program allows customers to purchase electricity and natural gas directly from energy suppliers, the “deregulated” entities. The electricity or natural gas is then transported through the infrastructure (wires or pipelines) owned by your local utility (the “regulated” entity) to the customer. The choice program was instituted to create a more equal playing field with the customer’s best interests in mind. Utilities are mandated to participate in this program by the government.

Your local utility will still deliver the energy supply to your facility, read your meter, and respond to any emergency calls. The utility will continue to send you a monthly invoice for your distribution charges, either separately or as part of your consolidated billing with UGI Energy Services. When you switch to UGI Energy Services, you are simply choosing to purchase your energy supply—the natural gas or electricity itself—from UGI Energy Services. The transition is completely seamless and you will receive the same quality supply that you currently receive from the utility.

Since the beginning of Energy Choice, we have been able to expertly navigate the world of energy deregulation for our customers. We believe in providing our customers with honest, reliable, and transparent service to build a lasting relationship.

How can UGI Energy Services provide better pricing than my local utility?

UGI Energy Services has teams of experts who constantly monitor the energy markets and can strategically react to favorable market movements in order to manage our energy portfolio to optimum levels. It is our goal to offer our customers the most competitive rates available.

What are the benefits of choosing an independent supplier?

Natural gas offers many benefits for your business and will help with your comfort level and budget. By shopping for your provider, you can find the best rate and terms for your business. Maybe you want to lock in a rate for a set period of time. Or, for larger businesses, it may make sense to only purchase a portion of your energy needs up front. If you are tired of paying a high rate for your electric or gas consumption or you can’t deal with surprise rate increases any longer, it’s time for you to take control. By working with a reputable supplier, you can often get better rates and lock them in.

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Customer care the right way

We believe in building honest relationships with customers. Aside from competitive energy rates, customer service is important, too. If you have a problem, your supplier should be there to help you. We make it our goal to provide high-quality customer service. Not only do we provide support when problems arise, but we also keep in touch with our customers when things are going well. We offer loyalty rewards and customer surveys so we can provide better service. With our low rates and superior customer service, you get what you need, when you need it.

A custom energy quote for your business

Ready to shop for your energy? If so, get a custom quote from UGI Energy Services. We can provide you with several customized options for your organization’s natural gas and electricity needs. We will take all of your energy needs into consideration and provide you with a competitive quote tailored to your energy needs and concerns.

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