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Reliable, Collaborative Plans

Because UGIES is an energy marketer that owns and operates our own natural gas storage and delivery assets, our natural gas plans are highly reliable both financially and physically.

Equally important, our focus on providing highly personalized service helps us structure plans tailored to your key demands. We’ll help you develop a purchasing solution for your short- or long-term needs – one with no billing issues, supply problems, or surprises.

Fixed Price

Enjoy price certainty for periods ranging from several months to several years. Locking into the certainty of a fixed price plan can help you more easily manage your energy budget. A simple fixed price contract can reduce or even eliminate price volatility and market risk, ensuring your natural gas bill will be consistent and predictable.

Market Price

Our market-based price plans allow you to take advantage of variable market conditions that can often provide significant energy savings. With the guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable sales force, your business can manage market risk while capturing the rewards of low-cost supply.

NYMEX Triggers

To help control commodity costs, UGIES can structure a plan based on predetermined NYMEX triggers that will help you meet your cost targets and protect your bottom line.

Cost Components

While your natural gas supply price is based on several cost components, the key drivers are the cost of the gas itself and the location to which it is being delivered. The development of natural gas from the Marcellus shale has greatly impacted the cost of gas supplied throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. UGIES can help you manage this new supply scenario in a way that best supports your business.

Commodity Price

The commodity portion of your natural gas supply price is the price of the natural gas. This cost component is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and is often referred to as “the NYMEX.” All UGIES products give you the flexibility to lock NYMEX in various amounts at any time throughout your contract.

Basis Price

The basis portion of your natural gas supply price is the price of transporting and delivering your natural gas to a specific customer location. This cost component is highly sensitive to physical system constraints and supply network limitations. UGIES products provide added flexibility to lock some or all of your basis cost throughout the life of your contract.

Supported by Powerful Assets

UGI Energy Services doesn’t just buy and sell natural gas in the marketplace – we own key natural gas gathering and storage assets. Facilities are strategically located and are fed into the local utility and interstate pipeline systems. By optimizing the use of our own natural gas assets we’ll keep your facility reliably supplied with natural gas. Refer to the Midstream Services page for a complete list of the natural gas pipeline and gathering systems owned by UGI Energy Services.

Energy Supplies Beyond Natural Gas

Fuel Switching for Savings

Maximize your purchasing power – switch your deliveries between natural gas, fuel oil or propane to take advantage of product price differentials and market conditions.

UGI Energy Services offers renewable options for both natural gas and electricity products.

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