Simple plans that control costs

Deregulation has created new ways to cut electricity costs. But it’s also made managing electricity contracts more complicated, with savings that are hard to measure. A UGIES electricity plan offers a much simpler alternative – we can help you manage your electricity expenses more proactively with two smart, straightforward options*:

Fixed Pricing Option

UGIES provides electric power at a preset price for a specific period of time – perfect for budget-conscious customers that want fixed-pricing predictability.

Indexed Pricing Option

UGIES offers power at a rate indexed to the hourly PJM Locational Marginal Price (LMP) – an attractive option for users who can take advantage of market pricing and are willing to accept some level of price risk. The indexed price fluctuates constantly with market conditions.

*Pricing for both options includes capacity, energy, line losses, transmission charges, and support services.

Supported by powerful assets

Unlike electricity marketers that only buy and sell electricity in the marketplace, UGIES owns key generation assets. Facilities are strategically located in northeastern PA and are part of the PJM Power Pool. By combining and optimizing the use of our own generation assets and the broader PJM Pool, we’ll keep your facility reliably supplied with electricity.


UGI Energy Services offers renewable options for both natural gas and electricity products.

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Power Generation Capacity


174 MW natural gas-fired


20 MW renewables

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