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UGI Energy Services is committed to investing in renewable energy options as we strive for a cleaner, greener future. Our current portfolio of renewables includes renewable natural gas (RNG), solar power, and landfill gas to power options. Our green energy experts can help your organization to navigate the complicated world of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs and SRECs), tax credits and incentives, Carbon Offsets, and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs).

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Renewable Natural Gas (“RNG”)

RNG has been produced for several decades, but has recently gained more visibility as a viable alternative to conventional fossil fuels.  RNG is pipeline-quality gas that is fully interchangeable with conventional natural gas and can be converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

RNG is a biogas, meaning that it is produced from organic matter such as manure and food waste that have been processed to purity standards. The production of RNG requires the removal of impurities such as Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Oxygen, Nitrogen and other gasses to meet strict pipeline and utility quality standards.

Demand for RNG is growing worldwide thanks to an increased awareness in environmental concerns and an interest in clean energy alternatives. RNG is a low-carbon alternative to its fossil fuel counterpart. The capture and utilization of fugitive methane emissions from sources such as landfills, manure lagoons, and wastewater treatment mean a reduction in the emission of these gasses into the atmosphere.

UGI Energy Services offers RNG options through GHI Energy. GHI offers renewable natural gas to fleet operators. UGIES and GHI experts help customers navigate the natural gas and carbon credit markets, maximizing fleet value and achieving renewable energy goals.

By powering fleets with clean RNG, customers can experience less price volatility, lower their tax rates, and take advantage of tax credits and other incentives. And by boosting their sustainability, customers can boost their brand image as well, showing their company’s concern for the environment and the community.

For more information about RNG options offered through GHI, visit their website.


GreenerGas is a combined turnkey product that delivers renewable natural gas and carbon offsets to your organization. By taking advantage of product price differentials and market conditions, organizations maximize their purchasing power while meeting their short- and long-term ESG goals.

UGI Energy Services offers fixed pricing per tranche, allowing for organizational budgeting, forecasting, and compliance cost transparency.

Carbon Offsets

When projects reduce or avoid GHG emissions, they create offsets. A carbon offset represents the GHG emission reduction of one metric ton of CO2 or CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere. Offsets are created when projects reduce or avoid GHG emissions. A variety of projects around the world develop offsets, including forestry and conservation, methane capture, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

With carbon offsets, organizations can reduce emissions outside of their controlled operations. UGI Energy Services purchases and retires carbon offsets on our customers’ behalf. Organizations maximize their purchasing power by taking advantage of product price differentials and market conditions while meeting their short- and long-term ESG goals.


A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) represents the clean energy attribute of renewable electricity generation. RECs are issued when one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity is generated and delivered from a renewable energy source, such as wind, solar, or biomass. RECs are highly liquid and purchased by electric customers to convert non-renewable consumption into renewable electricity.

With strategically located facilities, UGIES combines and optimizes the use of our own generation assets in the broader market, keeping organizations supplied dependably with RECs.
Our customers benefit from cost-effective and custom plan options for both compliance and voluntary market purchasers, with flexibility on the type and source of RECs purchased.

Photovoltaic Solar Facilities

By utilizing the power of the sun, Photovoltaic Solar Facilities can create green power for their own use or to sell into the power grid system. This means that your organization can reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from the electric utility, and can sometimes even make some money by selling excess power back into the system. Solar-generated electricity qualifies for Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs, specifically SRECs.

UGI Energy Services has a track record of success with solar projects, both at our own facilities, and at our customers’ sites. UGIES owns and operates facilities with 13.5 megawatts of solar-powered generation capacity. These facilities include solar farms at our Temple LNG site and at our Steelton Propane Air & LNG facility.

We’ve also assisted customers with numerous solar projects in various industries including industrial, food production, and education.

Solar Power Generation
Solar Power Generation at UGI Energy Service’s Temple LNG Facility

Landfill Gas to Power Projects

A natural bi-product of the decomposition of organic materials in landfills is a mixture of gases known as landfill gas. Landfill gas is composed of several gases, about 50% of which is methane, the primary component of natural gas.

A landfill gas to power operation prevents that gas from escaping into the air, and instead recovers the methane gas from these landfills.  The process then uses that recovered gas to produce electricity.  Not only does this process remove these greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, but it also produces electric power from a bi-product that would otherwise be wasted.

landfill site illustration
At UGIES’ Broad Mountain facility, located in Hegins, PA, we recover a low methane gas stream from a landfill site and run it through an 11-megawatt electric generation plant. Energy generated from the Hegins landfill gas power plant qualifies for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Broad Mountain Facility
UGI Energy Services Broad Mountain Facility, Hegins, PA

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