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Open Flow Energy

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Open Flow Energy, a division of UGI Energy Services, is a leading provider of reliable and competitively priced natural gas to both the wholesale and retail markets primarily in Western Pennsylvania with a focus on the National Fuel utility system. We make energy efficiency realizable for consumers and businesses alike.
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About Us

In 1986, Open Flow Gas Supply Corporation began providing natural gas supplies directly to large industrial customers.

As the business grew, our company became Open Flow Energy in 2006. Proudly serving Pennsylvania via National Fuel Gas Distribution pipeline, we fulfill natural gas needs to several hundred customers and provide natural gas supply to local utility systems.

Our friendly and dedicated staff bring over 70 years of energy marketing experience to everything we do.

Empowering Business

Serving hundreds of end customers, dozens of local natural gas producers and small utility companies, Open Flow Energy is widely recognized as a leading provider of reliable and competitively-priced natural gas to both the wholesale and retail consumer market throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Business Services

In conjunction with our parent company, UGI Energy Services, Open Flow Energy has the ability to:

  • Access firm transportation on other major pipelines connecting to National Fuel.
  • Access storage capacity on National Fuel.
  • Provide locally produced gas.
  • Offer competitive pricing for flexible terms.
  • Allow NYMEX price triggering for partial, as well as full requirements.

Transporting Natural Gas

  • The only real change seen by the customer in a transportation arrangement with Open Flow is in invoicing. Open Flow will bill for the commodity and the LDC will bill for transportation services. Open Flow requests that the customer provide weekly meter readings to track consumption and to assist us in scheduling deliveries. Overall, the customer’s annual total cost of gas will be less than was previously paid for gas purchased from the serving LDC.
  • Natural gas is purchased from Open Flow by the customer as it enters the LDC (Local Distribution Company) pipeline system from local producers or connected pipelines. The LDC then transports that gas either directly to the customer, or in most cases by a displacement of the customer’s actual consumption. The LDC is still in control of all pipeline facilities; however, the commodity is owned by the customer. In other words, the maintenance and safe management of the entire pipeline system is still the responsibility of the LDC.
  • In a supply arrangement with Open Flow, the customer is billed only for that volume of gas the LDC verifies was received during the billing period. The LDC then bills the customer under a volumetric transportation service tariff approved by the state’s Public Utility Commission. A small percentage of the gas received by the LDC, after Btu adjustment, is retained as “fuel and shrinkage” accounting for line losses and compressor fuel.

Natural Gas Safety

For Gas Leaks, Call National Fuel Emergency 1-800-444-3130

How to identify a leak & steps to take

  • Remember the three important signs to identify a potential gas leak – Look, Listen and Smell.
    1. Look – for dirt blowing into the air, persistent bubbling in standing water or discolored or dead vegetation around the pipeline area.
    2. Listen – for any unusual hissing or roaring sound.
    3. Smell – an odor that smells like rotten eggs.
  • If you notice any of these signs:
    • Evacuate from the area immediately.
    • DO NOT use anything that may cause a spark including lighters, matches, cigarettes, telephones (including cellular), flashlights and any motorized equipment.
    • Do not attempt to operate pipeline valves.
    • Once away from the area, call 911 followed by the National Fuel Emergency toll-free number 1-800-444-3130.
    • Stay away from the area until declared safe by your local utility and/or fire officials.

Call 811 Before You Dig, It’s The Law!

  • This easy-to-remember, nationwide number is federally-mandated and designated by the FCC to consolidate all local “Call Before You Dig” numbers.
  • One FREE call to 811 will get your utility lines marked and helps protect you from potential injury and unnecessary expense.
  • Calling 811 is for both professional excavators and do-it yourself homeowners. Many homeowners do some type of digging project such as building a deck or installing a fence. Often they make assumptions about whether or not they should get their utility lines marked, but the law requires a mark-out for every digging project – even small projects like planting trees and shrubs.
  • The local one call center personnel will route your request to your local utility which then sends a professional locator to mark your lines for free within three business days.
  • Knowing the approximate location of your buried utility lines helps protect you from injury and the consequences that can result from accidentally damaging a buried utility line. The depths of utility lines vary, and there can be multiple utility lines in the same area. Damages to these lines can disrupt service to the entire neighborhood, cause injuries and even harm the environment.

Contact Us

Open Flow Energy, A Division Of UGI Energy Services

51 Delaware Street, Unit 2
DuBois, PA 15801
MAIN T: (814) 371-3800
F: (814) 371-3858

William R. Deter, Vice President / Sales
DIRECT T: (814) 371-9820
F: (814) 371-3858
Cell: (814) 590-2803

Karen Anderson, Manager Regional Sales
DIRECT T: (814) 371-9825
F: (814) 371-3858
Cell: (814) 591-7305

Justin Shannon, Business Analyst
DIRECT T: (814) 371-9822
F: (814) 371-3858
Cell: (814) 661-2943

Tom Kahle, Business Analyst
DIRECT T: (814) 371-9826
F: (814) 371-3858
Cell: (814) 771-9927


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