Switch to UGIES – FAQ

How do I switch my electric service to UGIES?

Just contact us 24/7 at 1-800-427-8545 – we’ll provide hands-on guidance to make your transition to UGIES as seamless as possible.

Will UGIES electricity service be as reliable as my utility?

Yes – your electric power reliability will stay the same, as is it is ensured by the PJM Interconnection, which coordinates power transmission and generation in thirteen states and Washington DC. UGI is a member of PJM, and all of our power deliveries are coordinated through the PJM Interconnection and backed by the resources of its members.

Will my utility continue to provide services if I choose UGI as our electricity supplier?

Yes – your public utility company will continue to provide metering and safety services, since it owns and manages the distribution system that brings electricity to your facility. The utility receives a fee to deliver electricity to your meter whether you choose a new supplier or stay with the utility.

When will government deregulation begin on my electric utility?

Government deregulation is in effect in most electric distribution territories in the Mid-Atlantic region. Check with a UGI Energy Services representative for the most up-to-date information about the status of deregulation at your local utility.

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