Douglas LeJambre: Delivering Energy with Unique Knowledge, Assets, and Commitment

Get to Know Douglas LeJambre, Regional Sales Manager

picWith 26 years of experience as a sales manager in the energy industry, Douglas brings a wealth of marketplace knowledge to his customers. He knows the ins and outs of the industry, and he’s skilled at interpreting energy tariffs—so his customers don’t have to.

As a regional sales manager, Douglas is dedicated to building and maintaining client relationships throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the greater NYC area.

What Sets Him Apart from the Rest

Douglas is a firm believer in direct, open communication. His customers can be confident he’s giving them the best energy advice tailored to their business’s unique goals and budget.

What Douglas Can Do for Your Business

As your dedicated energy advisor, Douglas will:

  • Analyze your energy usage and recommend ways to save
  • Provide you with a full understanding of your energy costs and market trends
  • Show you side-by-side comparisons of your energy options
  • Proactively manage your energy plan against industry changes and weather patterns
  • Find easy, cost-effective energy solutions for your business

About UGI Energy Services

We are a supplier, marketer, and midstream services provider – one backed by 140 years of natural gas experience, plus our own expanding energy infrastructure. Along with buying and selling energy commodities at the wholesale level, UGIES owns and operates key electric generation and midstream natural gas assets throughout Pennsylvania.

Our unique capabilities enable highly reliable energy solutions. Our asset-based infrastructure gives us stability as well as valuable insights from across the energy industry. Ultimately, our focus on personalized service helps us develop solutions best suited to unique customer requirements.

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Douglas LeJambre, Regional Sales Manager
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