Hospitals and Healthcare

UGI Energy Services (UGIES) serves the energy needs of nursing centers, labs, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, clinics, infirmaries, wards, hospice centers, and other hospital and healthcare facilities. Whether you’re a hospital that helps thousands of people or a small private office, we are here to help you shop around for your energy and get the best possible price.

We are a supplier, marketer, and midstream services provider—one backed by over a century of natural gas experience, plus our own expanding energy infrastructure. Along with buying and selling energy commodities at the wholesale level, we own and operate critical electric generation and midstream natural gas assets throughout Pennsylvania. This includes your healthcare office, whether it be a hospital, mental health facility, nursing home, dentist’s office, or a small private doctor’s office.

Shop around and find the best possible energy price for your healthcare facility—we have no doubt you’ll choose us. Not only are our energy costs competitive, but we also believe in providing our customers in the healthcare field with honest, reliable, and transparent service. When you purchase natural gas or electricity to power your hospital and healthcare facilities, you won’t find surprises in your energy bill.

Ready to shop for your energy? Let us find your ideal gas and electricity solutions. We will take all of your energy needs for your hospital and healthcare facility, clinic, practitioner’s office, or emergency room into consideration and give you a competitive quote tailored to your organization.

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