For over a century, UGI Energy Services (UGIES) has served the natural gas and electricity needs of over 40,000 customers, including administrative agencies, law enforcement facilities, and local and federal entities like yours. Along with buying and selling energy commodities at the wholesale level, UGIES owns and operates key electric generation and midstream natural gas assets throughout Pennsylvania.

Since the beginning, we have expertly navigated the world of energy deregulation for our customers. Our team of experts constantly monitors the energy markets and strategically reacts to favorable market movements to manage our energy portfolio to optimum levels.

We know you have many items to consider, including regulations and guidelines to follow to run your organization. We understand these because we work with government agencies likes yours every day. We can help government facility managers like yourself understand their unique energy needs and find the best buying strategies at the best time.

Our goal is to do everything we can to make purchasing your energy easy, cost-efficient, and compliable with all your operation’s regulations. We want you to feel empowered while securing your energy, with a trusted partner guiding you along the way. By working with us, you can often get better rates and lock them in, too.

Get a custom quote from UGI Energy Services. We’ll provide you with options for your government facility’s natural gas and electricity needs.

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