About UGIES Pipeline Operations

Safety is a core value at UGIES.

UGIES is part of UGI Corporation, a Fortune 500 company that has supplied and delivered natural gas, propane, butane, and electricity for 140 years. Our pipeline operations began in 2013, and today, the networks and storage fields allow us to maintain affordable, reliable delivery. As we continue developing new projects that bring affordable natural gas to the markets that need them, we are also committed to ensuring the safety of our operations.

Backed by our asset-based infrastructure

UGI Energy Services owns and operates many of our own energy assets, giving us unmatched advantages. UGIES pipelines, peaking, storage, and liquefied natural gas facilities, and power plants bolster reliability for our energy supplies. Additionally, operating and managing this physical infrastructure gives UGIES unique, real-time insight across several energy sectors–knowledge that can help support our customers’ success in many ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions regarding UGIES natural gas pipelines and safety. For additional questions or concerns, use the contact form in the next section.

Do I live near a gas pipeline?

Can I still use my property if it contains a pipeline?

Yes. Any land disturbance for pipeline construction is temporary. After a line is built, you can carry out normal farming operations, including crop growing and grazing. However, you cannot plant trees on pipeline rights-of-way, or build homes or business facilities. These restrictions are in place for safety and maintenance purposes. If restrictions affect the value of the land, UGIES’ includes this as part of the landowner compensation.

What should I do if I smell gas?

Natural gas is naturally odorless and colorless. To make natural gas detectable, a chemical known as Mercaptan is added. It has a smell that is similar to rotten eggs. If you smell this odor, act fast. Leave the area immediately and call UGI at 800-276-2722 from a safe location. Do NOT use phones, computers, appliances, or electrical devices if a gas smell is present, and do NOT re-enter the building until it has been deemed safe by our service technician.