Karen Anderson: Delivering Energy with Unique Knowledge, Assets, and Commitment

Get to Know Karen Anderson, Regional Sales Manager

With more than 10 years of energy industry experience, Karen has become skilled in relationship management, territory development, and attention to detail.

She is dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with her customers by working in their best interests and helping them make logical, long-term decisions that preserve their energy budgets.

A graduate of Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration/marketing and management, Karen has worked with different people in different job titles in all types of businesses.

She is proud to work for a company that has a strong, unwavering commitment to energy marketing. Unlike many suppliers and brokers, UGI Energy Services is here to stay, investing in assets that provide customers with reliable supply and flexible pricing options.

What Sets Her Apart from the Rest

Born and raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Karen shares a deep connection with her customers and the area. For Karen, people are the best part of her job; she genuinely enjoys getting to know her customers on a personal level and understanding the energy solutions that fit them best.

Karen has helped a diverse group of customers, many of whom work at manufacturing and industrial facilities, hospitals, restaurants, churches, retail establishments, and consultants, all with one thing in common: they’re responsible for managing their company’s natural gas energy.

She’s honored to partner with her clients and guide them through the energy market to obtain the best price and solutions possible.


What Karen Can Do for Your Business

As your dedicated energy advisor, Karen will:

  • Analyze your energy usage and recommend ways to save
  • Provide you with a full understanding of your energy costs and market trends
  • Show you side-by-side comparisons of your energy options
  • Proactively manage your energy plan against industry changes and weather patterns
  • Find easy, cost-effective energy solutions for your business

About UGI Energy Services

We are a supplier, marketer, and midstream services provider – one backed by 135 years of natural gas experience, plus our own expanding energy infrastructure. Along with buying and selling energy commodities at the wholesale level, UGIES owns and operates key electric generation and midstream natural gas assets throughout Pennsylvania.

Our unique capabilities enable highly reliable energy solutions. Our asset-based infrastructure gives us stability as well as valuable insights from across the energy industry. Ultimately, our focus on personalized service helps us develop solutions best suited to unique customer requirements.

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Karen Anderson, Regional Sales Manager
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