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Connecting customers with reliable energy

At UGI Energy Services, energy is more than a commodity. It’s an opportunity to improve the way you buy and use natural gas, liquid fuels, and electricity. Together, we can look at your energy usage and purchasing habits to develop a customized service plan – one that works best for your operation and your bottom line.

All UGIES energy service plans are transparently and individually priced based on your actual energy consumption and costs. Our plans are also supported by UGIES electric generation and pipeline assets to help protect you from supply disruptions.

With UGIES as your energy partner, you’ll enjoy access to a reliable, cost-effective energy supply with no hidden fees, and no surprises.

Small business

Are energy demands consuming too much of your operating budget and time? Let UGIES manage your energy requirements instead. We’ll help you assess your energy-buying habits then develop a purchase and procurement plan that works for you. Find out more about switching to UGIES at EnergyLink.


UGIES can help larger businesses mitigate the impact of shifting gas supply networks and seasonal price swings with strategies and energy supplies backed by our own electric generation and pipeline assets.


Unlike many businesses, institutional facilities often require a range of high-tech, high-touch services with correspondingly high energy expenses. UGIES can help you manage them more cost-effectively and maintain your quality of services with a highly reliable energy supply.


No matter what you produce, controlling energy costs and maintaining uptime are essential. UGIES has been helping industrial facilities do both for more than 30 years. Our sales representatives will work closely with you to develop flexible, proactive service plans and strategies to keep your operation running despite market disruptions and volatility.


Planners and managers at all government levels must watch every dime of taxpayer money. But energy price volatility makes planning a quarterly or annual budget difficult at best. Support from UGIES can make it much easier. From participating in the bidding process to providing consulting and expertise, we can help you best manage your energy costs and requirements.

National Accounts

Managing corporate or franchise stores – across several states or the entire country – is challenging enough. Let UGIES manage your multi-state, multi-region energy requirements. Our financial strength, energy expertise and infrastructure enable the reliability you need to control energy costs and maintain productivity. A central point of contact across all territories provides accountability and ensures reliability.

Considering a switch to UGIES?

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