Auburn Gathering System

The Auburn Gathering System was a multi-phase, multi-year, ~$215MM pipeline project located in Northeastern Pennsylvania in Susquehanna, Wyoming, and Luzerne Counties. The Auburn Pipeline provides transportation service for natural gas producers linking their production to the interstate pipeline system. The Auburn Gathering System provides multiple outlets for gas, including access to both the Tennessee and Transco Interstate Pipeline System, as well as UGI Utilities. The Auburn system contains approximately 46 miles of pipe, four compressors stations located in Auburn and Mehoopany and various other pipeline related facilities. Total capacity of the pipeline system is currently 635,000 Dth/day and is expandable in the future.

Phase 1

  • Completed in 2011
  • Converted a 9 mile, 12-inch distribution line into a gathering line
  • Reversed flow of gas to deliver gas from a producer into the Tennessee Pipeline
  • Built Auburn Compressor Station
  • 60,000 Dth/d capacity

Phase 2

  • Completed in 2013
  • 28 mile, 20-inch pipeline build south to interconnect with Transco Pipeline
  • Built Manning Compressor Station and added additional compression at Auburn
  • 180,000 Dth/d incremental capacity added

Phase 3

  • Completed in 2014 and 2015
  • 9 mile, 24-inch pipeline loop of the original Auburn line north to interconnect with Tennessee Gas Pipeline
  • Additional compression added at Manning Compressor Station
  • 230,000 Dth/d incremental capacity added